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The 50CC Sport moped The 50CC Sport Moped an ideal choice of Scooter for a young rider.
Being substantially older than 16 myself Cheap Todd Gurley II Jersey , and weighing a lot more now than I did back then, I was a little apprehensive that a machine like this would be able to carry my weight effectively.
Times have changed a little, and the amount of torque that a small 49CC engine can provide is a lot greater than the bikes of yesteryear.

Having said that, the bike itself was not the largest. The step through design makes it very easy to get on and off the stationary moped. Though I am 6 foot 2 inches tall, and found I had to sit with my knees slightly more bent than I would have preferred.

I have ridden on many 50CC mopeds in my time, and my biggest bugbear as a large man Cheap Greg Gaines Jersey , is the way that the sports styling often means the cowls are overly large, and steering can become difficult.

It’s great to find a mopeds that does not suffer from this problem.

Push button ignition, and I’m off. The mopeds is restricted to around 30 mph, and being a new bike straight out of the packaging, it would probably benefit from being run in a little.

Straight-line performance is excellent, and you really get the feeling that this bike has a lot more to offer in terms of speed. However as standard Cheap Bobby Evans Jersey , and you can form with UK law, most 50CC bikes are restricted to 30 mph on delivery.

Turning and handling in general is very simple, the handlebars are slightly narrower than some, but this seems to make the whole process of taking sharp corners that little bit easier.

This isn’t a “ knees down” sort of bike, so it requires decent steering via the bars. This it has.

The few “figure of eight’s” and emergency stops later, I’m taking the moped out onto the open road.

Here the only issue in my 30 minute ride is the lack of speed that is to be expected from any moped or scooter at under 50CC. I find myself riding a little closer to the kerb than I would normally Cheap David Long Jersey , and being overtaken a little more often than I would like.

The shock absorbers and suspension in general is pretty good, though it’s hard to cushion a moped as light as this from all bumps and jumps.

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