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When summer comes calling Mark Andrews Jersey , it a sign to pull out those dresses, sit by the pool and take in the sunshine. What can make this a tough feat is if you have long hair. Although flowing tresses look lustrous and magnificent; caring for them can be tedious in the summer months. Thwhy it important to opt for the right hairstyles for long hair during the sweltering season so that your locks can look wonderful with minimal effort.

Braided top knot
If you find the top knot too basic for your long hair, look no further than its braided version. Adding a braid before you twist your hair into a top knot can breathe life into your look and give it classic touch. To get the look, tie your hair length into a ponytail at the back of your head. Then plait the ponytail into a 3 strand braid. Finally, wrap it around the base of the ponytail and use bobby pins to secure it in place. Especially for a formal dinner on a hot summer night, this is the updo for long hair that you need to try.

Fishtail braid
If you are looking to give your summer look a gypsy touch Lamar Jackson Jersey , the fishtail braid is your answer. It鈥檚 sophisticated, stunning and only looks deceiving. To make the fishtail braid the long hairstyle of your choice, follow these steps. First divide the hair length into 2 large sections. Next take a small section of hair from the right hand side of section 2 and cross it over to section 1. Then, from section 1, take a small section of hair from the left hand side and cross it over to section 2. Repeat this criss-crossing of hair sections until you have reached the end of the hair length. Tie your fishtail braid with a transparent band to make your long hair look fantastic.

Space buns
Need to add a touch of playfulness to your summer beauty look? Then space buns are where it is at. From the numerous types of hairstyles for the season, this one definitely hits the mark as most quirky. To make the space buns your own Hayden Hurst Jersey , start by parting your hair down the centre to divide it into 2 sections. Take a section of hair, position it above your ears, wrap the length around the base and pin it in place. Repeat the step for the other side too. Your long hair will be tucked in place for you to flaunt your space buns at a music festival.

Twisted ponytail
Since the ponytail is every long haired giro-to hairstyle, you can give it a slight upgrade this summer with the help of a few twists. To do so, brush all your hair back and separate 2 sections on side of your head. Twist the entire hair length of each of these sections until its end. Then add these twisted sections to your main ponytail and tie the entire length of your hair together. Wrap these twisted sections around the hair tie to finish off the sporty hairstyle.

Chignon bun
If all you want from your long hair is a formal, elegant type of hairstyle Justin Tucker Jersey , then turn to a chignon. Trust us, this French hairstyle for long hair will have all eyes on you at your next summer wedding. To try the chignon for yourself, first collect your hair at the base of your head. Then twist the entire hair length into one, long rolled section. Coil this section in a circular pattern until your hair has been used up. Finish the look by pinning it in place with bobby pinsatall you need to give your long hair a sophisticated touch!

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